How I Discovered Game

My story starts out like most everyone else’s: with lots of fails in a row.

High School

I read somewhere that guys can be separated into two distinct categories: those that got laid for the first time before 18, and those that got laid after. Yeah, I’m one of the latter. In high school I had numerous girls that I would’ve loved to have dated, yet, like most guys, I thought I wasn’t good looking enough or didn’t know the right things to say. This resulted in me going through high school and graduating before I even got a girl to hold hands with me, let alone suck my dick. Happy times, indeed. Things I did when I was a teenager that make me cringe just to think of them. I remember once going up to a girl I liked, never having talked to her before in my life, and saying “do you want to be my girlfriend?” to which all I got as a response was “what?” and laughter.

Upon graduation I went on a trip to LA and was pretty sure I’d get laid. Right… I kept asking myself “how is it that I’m surrounded by sluts and not getting any sex?”. At least I was asking the right questions.

By the time I started college, I was determined to find a solution to my problem. All around me I saw my friends having one night stands, getting laid, having girlfriends, and overall successful sex lives. They had things I didn’t, but somehow they didn’t know how to teach me.

The quest for knowledge beings.

Like everyone else that wants to research something, I went to my computer and fired up the internet in hopes of getting ‘pickup lines’ or ‘tips’ on how to get girls. To my dismay, all I found at the beginning were the same things my mother had told me: “buy her flowers, open her doors, be nice, etc…” utter bullshit that I figured didn’t work because I’d already tried it and failed with it. My goal at the time was to learn what I needed to know to get a girlfriend.

After a couple of days of searching, I found David DeAngelo’s eBook and dove into it like there was no tomorrow. At the time, all the info in his book came as a total shocker to me. Things like “attraction isn’t a choice” and “teasing girls” were ideas that I’d never even heard of before.

Bear in mind, people, my goal at the time was to learn shit needed to “get a girlfriend”, a goal I know today to be flawed from its conception. Nevertheless, armed with David D’s teachings I set myself loose in night clubs and bars in hopes of finding what I wanted. And find I did. However, I didn’t realize proper Game was needed to maintain a relationship once it’s started, and thus my endless experiences with girlfriends that would either cheat, lie, manipulate me or flat out dump me for some other guy. The last “serious girlfriend” I had was one that dumped me, told me “I don’t want to be with anybody right now” and then proceeded to hook up with another guy the following day. Crushed, and with only myself to blame, I returned to the internet in search for more answers. I said I was gonna master this shit or die trying.

Enter Heartiste

One Reddit post after another, asking the internet for answers, finally yielded a helping hand that pointed me in the right direction. I was instructed to stop complaining like a pussy, read Heartiste’s blog in its entirety, and head out into the world to conquer poon once more. One read of “Heartiste’s 16 Commandments” set me in the mood to  plow through all of his blog, and I recommend you do as well. This single event, if you can call it such, produced the most extraordinary change I’ve ever experienced in my life. One year after discovering his blog, among other great ones like ‘Generation Nihilism’, reading Roosh’s ‘Bang’, Neil Strauss’ The Game, and even started my own book, I’ve realized my journey has only just begun. Wanting to share my stories with everyone, I’ve started this blog, and thus my experiences won’t perish in my memory to be forgotten like a routine bang.

I am The Islander, and this is my story.

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7 Responses to How I Discovered Game

  1. FFY says:

    Good start man

  2. FFY says:

    In addition to the other tips I gave you-

    Have a blogroll
    Comment on other people’s blogs
    Share relevant links in said comments

    That’s how you get your blog out there

  3. invictusiii says:

    Nice man. Looking forward to reading more.

  4. theshido says:

    Shit son, and you’re already plowing through 8s and 9s? I almost don’t believe it. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

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