The Short Switch

Are you a big tits or big ass guy? I don’t even know, I have a hard time deciding myself.

So, out of the longest relationship I’ve ever had, and ready to work the field once more, I sit on the main campus’ square with a couple of buddies for a short break. Quickly, I scan the area for chicks in hopes of finding my new prey.

Out of nowhere, a girl with the nicest ass I’ve seen in a long time walks by us. I go to my buddies “who is THAT?! And why haven’t I tapped that yet?”. None of them know, but I make a mental note to ask around and find out who the fuck is this chick I’ve never seen around before. At this point, I’m not very versed in day-game and only make cold-approaches at bars and clubs during the night.

Fast forward a couple of days and I’m hanging out with another group of friends at the same spot I was before, and lo and behold! Piece of Ass chick walks by once more and I ask again, this time to different friends, who the fuck is this chick? “Oh, thats POA, she’s friends with Brunette Chick (girl with real nice tits, solid 8.5 or 9, depending on who you ask), and likes to fuck around a lot.” In the back of my mind I’m secretly celebrating, I know who BC is and am acquainted with the guy she’s dating, that’s my in if I want to meet her during the day or don’t want to risk a cold-approach.

At this point I’ve just discovered Heartiste and haven’t yet read any other material besides his and David D’s, so my Game isn’t top notch to go open POA (solid 9) at all, but I’m making the best of things, or so I thought.

I decide I’m gonna add BC, POA’s best friend on twitter and fb and shit, and I add the guy she’s dating on there as well, so the dude doesn’t get the wrong idea that I’m hitting on his girl and is actually friendly to me. I start randomly texting BC and her dude and asking them about POA and what she does and whatever. Beta as shit move to make, but it’s all I had at the time. I had no other better ideas. I NEVER ran into POA in any of the bars I went, so a normal approach wasn’t gonna happen in the near future.

Out of nowhere BC says she’s gonna tell POA about me and somehow get us to meet. I reluctantly agree, thinking this was bad game from the start, but I agree anyway. POA adds me on facebook, and my mind immediately shifts into gear: “GET HER NUMBER RIGHT NOW!”. I start a conversation with her on the facebook chat and get her number within the first 5 minutes, then end the conversation. I call her 2-3 hours later and invite her for a couple of drinks at my favorite bar the next night. She agrees.

Now, I went from “who is that chick over there?” to having a date with her in less than one week… How the fuck did I do this?

The next day she cancels on me, and immediately sets something else up. She invites me over to her place. She says she’s having a couple of friends over for drinks. At first I don’t really want to agree. But, then I thought “oh, all I gotta do is wind the night down, wait for everybody else to leave and get the bang, easy… I was told she likes to fuck around a lot.”. So I told her I’d go.

Meanwhile, texting with BC hasn’t stopped. She texts me all her life problems, problems with the guy she’s dating, etc. I keep it going so she doesn’t badmouth me to POA.

I arrive at POA’s place and a long night of drinking beings. By the end of the night I’m nearly wasted and so is the girl. Everyone left. It’s just me and her. We keep talking and I keep physically escalating it all the way. We start making out, when all of a sudden she pushes me away and tells me to leave. WTF?! I had no idea what just happened. I said it was fine and left. No bang. Dammit…

The next day BC and her guy tell me they’re going to the beach with POA and the same people that we were hanging out last night. I agree and text POA telling her I’m picking her up. I buy some bottles of vodka and whiskey and head over to pick POA up. All goes normal, I think. All this time I’m thinking the bang is taking me longer than it should’ve. I was told this girl is a major slut, why am I taking so long?

Anyways, we arrive at the beach and had an overall good time, I kept the teasing going all the time. By the time the sun is setting, I tell everybody to come over to my place and we’ll get in the hot tub.  What happened next was the most surreal thing I’d ever experienced up until that moment. I’m sitting with POA on my lap, and from across the hot tub I see BC eyeballing me like there’s no tomorrow. Mind you, her boyfriend is sitting right next to her. My mind is struggling to comprehend what’s going on. All this time I’m thinking “WTF GIRL!?, but those tits do look nice in a bathing suit.”

At this moment I realized these girls had no shame, so why should I?

The night ends, everybody leaves, I make out with POA. Still no bang. I’m beginning to think it’s never gonna happen and I should just break all contact and keep playing the field for more girls. I think my game wasn’t up to par to bang 9s yet… or maybe she had her period, who the fuck knows… Two days later I resume texting with BC and it went something like this:

Me: hey

BC: hi! Omg my feet hurt so much

Me: why, what happened?

BC: walking around in high heels too much lately

Me: oh that’s cool, I give the best foot massage ever… come over to my place this afternoon and I’ll fix you up

BC: Omg that’s awesome! Ok, I’ll be there at 4.

Girl came over, and after I was done with the massage, we banged like the world was gonna end that day. Mind you, she and POA are BEST FRIENDS. The level of backstab girls are willing to do for a guy they want is astonishing. She left my place, and a couple of hours later she texts me:

BC: I’m dumping my bf

Me: ok

We kept banging for 5 months or so after that. Started off wanting to bang a nice piece of ass, and somehow ended up with a great pair of tits instead, who can complain?

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14 Responses to The Short Switch

  1. aneroidocean says:

    Haha, isn’t it funny when you’ve learned game and think back on moments that totally worked out, realizing WHY the situation worked out wasn’t total luck. Nice mix of “cringe” and “fuck yeah!”

    So do you think you just didn’t have much of a chance with POA because of how things started, or do you think she was putting up token resistance both times and you failed to get through it? Maybe she wasn’t the slut after all (happens all the time when you think the one that’s innocent really isn’t.

    • I know, right?! It’s amazing.

      I’m not 100% sure, but I think I might have given off some beta stuff at the start and she placed me in the ‘provider’ category immediately. Maybe I should’ve blown off the party at her place once she canceled on our date… I dunno.

      No, POA is a major slut. Confirmed. This girl is stopwatch material. See how fast one can go from “Hi” to banging her. Me and my buddies think her notch count should be somewhere between 20 and 30. She’s 20 years old.

      • aneroidocean says:

        Yeah, that sounds likely. I didn’t catch this question at the beginning of the post:

        “Are you a big tits or big ass guy? I don’t even know, I have a hard time deciding myself.”

        I’m an ass man. I can deal with smaller boobs just fine as long as they’re nicely shaped, perky, and proportional. No ass? That’s a total dealbreaker. I’ve dated girls with DDs to very small A cups, but I can’t handle flat ass.

  2. FFY says:

    Very nice. Can’t even plan it better than that, really.

    Now the ultimate question- what happened to POA?

    • Oh man… someone she knew saw me and BC making out at a bar and told her. BC and POA were enemies the whole 5 months I was banging BC. Plus, BC’s ex showed up at my favorite bar to pick a fight with me… we both ended up in the hospital that day (that’s a story for another post, I think) . As soon as I broke it off with BC (I couldn’t handle the drama this girl would constantly generate), she and POA went right back to being friends. Amazing.

      I still see POA making out with random guys at some of the clubs I go to. The slut-force is strong with this one.

      • aneroidocean says:

        Knowing what you know now, I bet you could’ve totally nailed both of them at the same time, although eventually that probably would’ve created a nuclear size drama bomb. Definitely want to hear about ending up in the hospital.

      • If I had a time machine I’m 100% sure I could go back and bang them both. Good learning experience, however.

        I’ll do a quick post on the short switch’s aftermath, the fist fights, and BC’s level of crazy I had to deal for a while.

    • Needless to say, POA rolls her eyes at me every single opportunity she gets.

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  4. Nice work. FFY told me about your blog, will have to check back for more adventure.

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