The Face Girl And The Omega Dude

Have you ever seen a girl that all your buddies told you was smoking-hot, a perfect 10 and one of the hottest chicks they’ve ever seen, but somehow you don’t completely agree?

When I was a kid I was friends with this Omega Dude all through grades 1 to 6. We both shared the same interests and got picked on by the bigger guys in the school. At around age 12 or 13 he moves with his entire family to Mexico. Apparently his father got a business deal with one of the big hotels in Cancun and was named VP or something up there, so they left. I didn’t really miss the guy, I was a kid and just made new friends. Enough time passes and you can just completely forget that certain people even existed. 

Nine years later I’m hanging out in my living room with a couple of friends and one of them says if I remember Omega Dude from back in primary school. I kind of do, but not enough to care. He tells me he ran into him at a restaurant the day before. OD was with his both his parents and his little sister, and, according to him, the sister could be a model for any designer. I call bullshit! All this time I’m thinking “if they just moved here, and Face Girl is actually as hot as she’s being hyped up to be, I’m not gonna run into her any time soon.” I ask my buddy if he got any contact info for OD and his sister, he says he knows which hotel they’re staying. PERFECT! I’m all smiles now.

Again, like my previous post, my game wasn’t anywhere near what it is now, but I could make do just fine. My plan was to show up at the hotel and ask for OD at the front desk. The following day I do exactly that. The desk clerk called OD’s room and he came down a few minutes later. Dude gave me a big bro-hug, big smiles, and asks me how I knew he’d arrived back in the country. I told him one of my friends ran into him a few days back and told me, so I came to see him as soon as I had time. At this point, I’m all planning on hitting on his sister, but (obviously) I can’t let him know that or the plan will blow in my face. We move to the hotel’s bar and have a drink to catch up on 9 years of life. Listening to this guy speak was excruciatingly painful, but a means to an end nevertheless. After a while I ask him about his sister and he says “oh, she’s upstairs, wanna go say hello?” – “sure thing, bro”.

We go up to the room, OD opens the door, and sitting in the balcony smoking a cigarette is FG, the sister. Brain can only: “Holy shit don’t fuck this up!”. This girl is a 9.5 and could be the cover of any magazine. Almost taller than me, long blond hair and a face that can only resemble Brooke Shields when she was young. She’s wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt. I go over and say hi, and we smoke a cig together. We get to talking and somehow the conversation led to me betting her she couldn’t throw me into the pool. She goes “oh, yeah? Let’s go down to the pool and find out.” The three of us head down to the pool and she starts wrestling me trying to push me into the water, I do the same. After 2 or 3 seconds she realizes she’s out-powered and is in for a big splash, so she holds on to me to make sure I have to jump into the pool as well if I want to push her in. I take my shirt off (after all, I have to drive back home and don’t want to get my car that wet), pick her up over my shoulder and jump in the pool. She starts swimming away from me and I pull her underwater by the ankle. I swim to the edge of the pool and she follows. We’re staring at each other just 2 inches away. At this point, I can lean in and kiss her, but her brother’s been watching us the whole time. I’m thinking if I do this, the brother is NEVER going to talk to me again. Not that I wanted to actually talk to this OD, but I’m looking to not be an asshole here. Today I wouldn’t give a shit about this at all. I pull away and get out of the pool to dry off, and she does too. 

I tell them we should get together and hang out the following day. Both of them give me their phone numbers and we start walking to the main entrance. I say goodbye to both of them and FG is literally eye-fucking me the whole time I’m walking to my car. I give her a smug half-smile and carry on. 

Remember these people haven’t been in the country for years, so I’m the ‘I know everything’ guy to them. The following night I pick them both up, since I have no real way of picking only FG up, I have to take out OD at least once. At the club I took them we meet up with my friends, and they all “who is THAT?!” in my ear every time I introduce her to one of my buddies. I get one of my guys to start a conversation with OD so I can walk away with the girl. After we get drinks, I pull her into one of the corners of the club and start making out like we’re crazy. I tell her we’re leaving and take her to my place for an insane bang. At that moment I couldn’t believe I was fucking that girl with that body and that face. At almost 3am, I think, or maybe later, OD starts calling us and complaining that we left him in the club. So we drive back and pick him up. I make up a bullshit story about how we had to go pick up my sister in another club and shit. He buys it. 

After the first night out I started just picking FG up at her hotel and back to my place to fuck. Not much dating or going out. Now the weirdest thing started happening to me. Somehow I wasn’t that attracted to this girl anymore. Maybe it was the taste of cigarettes, the fact that she got tired and begged for mercy after 30 or 40 minutes of fucking, or that it was just all so easy in the first place, I don’t know. I told this to one of my friends and he said I was fucking crazy. Here I am banging a 9.5 maybe 10 (depending on who you ask) and I’m not attracted to her that much anymore. Bleh…  

And then started the downward spiral. 

OD realized I just talked to him in the first place to get to meet his sister, so he started doing everything within his power to make FG mad at me. This, combined with the fact that this chick was a head-turner wherever she went, it was a matter of time before she found some other cock she wanted to ride as well.

Three to four weeks into this thing, I text her saying I’m swinging by to pick her up and she doesn’t respond. She calls me 20 minutes later to tell me she can’t come with me to the club right now, I ask why, and she says she’s got friends over. I say “cool, I’ll come up, we’ll hang out and then we’ll all go to the club later”, to which she responded “I don’t want you to come up, we’ll meet at the place later, I promise”. WTF BITCH. I said “oh, ok, don’t bother coming to the club anyway then” and hung up. She called a million times (and for many days) after that. I didn’t pick up ever again. Honestly I didn’t want that drama bullshit for a girl I wasn’t even that attracted to anymore and had a cockblocking Omega Dude for a brother. Today I realize I could’ve banged her any time I wanted to, but I know I just didn’t want to.

It took me a couple of years to understand that after a couple of bangs, if you’re not in love with the chick, the attraction level will inevitably diminish and you won’t want to bang the chick that much anymore, no matter how hot she is.

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5 Responses to The Face Girl And The Omega Dude

  1. aneroidocean says:

    Just goes along with the saying that no matter how hot the girl there’s always some guy tired of fucking her (dealing with her shit).

    A genuinely low maintenance girl is a fucking godsend.

    • Totally! I think I read about that in Neil Strauss’ book. This is why a harem is so important.You may have one girl that’s caring and knows how to cook, while another is good in bed, and another is great for partying. Very few women have all 3 qualities plus good looks.

  2. Evan says:

    I think it’s shitty that you rolled up on your former bro and made like you wanted to be friends again JUST to bang his sister. That’s really underhanded and I can understand why anybody would be mad at you for pulling that stunt.

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