The Long Game – Pt. 1

So this chick adds me on facebook out of the blue. At the time I have no idea who she is, so I ask a girl I know and all she said was “yeah, I know her, she’s a huge slut”.

Game on.

On facebook chat I asked her who she was and where we knew each other from. She told me we met once at a party and that Brunette Chick introduced me to her. I still had no fucking clue who she was anyway. I told her she was kinda cool and we should get together for some drinks. We exchange numbers. At this point I’m still not interested in her at all… and then I checked her pictures out on facebook…. HOLY SHIT DEM TITS! Tits Girl has the nicest looking D cups I’ve seen in a long time.

A couple of days later I text her:

Me: Hey, I’m gonna be at K bar later, you should come

TG: Yeah, I’m going with a couple of my friends, see you there

I arrive at K bar later than usual and the place is packed. I spot TG with a really nice looking brunette right next to the main bar. TG comes running at me and gives me a big hug. At this point, I’ve never seen her in person before, so I’m not really recognizing her at all… weird. We grab some drinks from the bar and get to talking. I tease her a bit and all goes well. Or at least I thought all was going well. Here I made the mistake of not physically escalating consistently. I told them we should leave and head over to B-bar. They agree and hop in my car.

We arrive at B-bar and TG spots some friends of hers, so I’m stuck with her brunette friend (who’s cute, so I don’t mind). An hour or so passes and the place isn’t really picking up, not many people. I think it was a wednesday night or something. Brunette starts bugging me telling me she wants to leave and whatnot. I told her to chill out, we’ll leave in a bit. Out the corner of my eye I spot TG in an intense conversation with a guy. I think for a moment, and the logistics fucking suck, there’s no way I can get a bang with TG that night. So I go over and tell her I’m leaving. She says she doesn’t want to, and I say “no problem, I’m sure you can find a ride home”. I took her brunette friend home and that was that.

Thinking she was not that into me, I acknowledge TG as a failed endeavor, so I moved on to the next target.

Throughout this I’ve been texting back and forth with a petite 7.5 or 8 on a good night. Girl kinda looks like a native American, and sexy as hell when dressed up to go out at night. We met while she was lost at the university parking lot looking for her car. TG had been my main target, so now I’ll give the PI a go. I invite her to a party one of my DJ friends was gonna throw the following friday. She agrees.

And then shit got crazy.

I pick PI up and head over to the party. I introduce PI to my DJ friend and a couple of other people that knew me. We grab drinks and find a nice spot to stay in where it wasn’t that crowded. All is good, I’m kino escalating consistently and about to kiss her when SHIT!!! I spot TG just 2 feet away from us. Oooooh this is gonna be good. I can’t help but smile, TG and I make eye contact, and 1 second later I had my tongue down PI’s mouth. Win. I keep making out with PI the whole night, and when we took a couple of breaks I’d head over to TG, dance a bit, give her a spin, and back to PI.

The night ends and I drop PI at her place. I arrive at my apartment, dead tired and ready to crash. I get into bed and my phone starts ringing. I take one look at the screen and guess who the fuck was calling? TG. No way. WTF this girl want at this hour? I pick up the phone and all I hear is her crying. “I’m stuck at the venue, I don’t know anybody and I don’t have money for a taxi… please please you HAVE to pick me up, I had nobody else to call. I called one of my girlfriends but she won’t pick up.” And I’m like… “no… fuck that… no way you can’t find a ride home, there’s a ton of people there, I’m sure you know somebody.” She keeps pressing “No, I swear I don’t know anybody, I’m begging you to pick me up, please, I want to go home”.

I cave.

I put my jeans back on and grab the t-shirt I was wearing, keys, phone, and shoes, and out the door I went.

To be continued… 

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