The Long Game – Pt. 2

This is part 2, for part 1 click here

The drive back to the venue I was cursing myself for being a fucking pussy. Why the fuck am I doing a favor to a girl I’m not even fucking? Fuck everything about this. When I got to the venue, she was outside waiting for me. She gets in the car and I see her makeup is all run from the tears and stuff. She starts thanking me and hugging me and shit. I tell her to get away. She tells me her address and we’re on our way. When we get to her place she says “now give me a kiss on the cheek”… “no”… “why not?”… “get out of my car”… she wont’ get out of the car… fuck this. I put the transmission on P and got out, walked over to her side, opened the door and told her “get out, now”… she goes “no, I want you to blow me a kiss”… “no, get out of my car and go the fuck to sleep”… I grab her by her forearm and pull her out of the car, close the car door and walk back to my side to finally be over with this ordeal.

Two days later I’m just chilling at home and I get a random text from her:

TG: hey, I just got back from the beach, what are you up to?

Me: I’m building a spaceship… going to Mars, wanna come? (this is my standard response for when I’m doing something boring or don’t wanna say what I’m doing… feel free to copy it if you want, just gimme credit for it if you post it in your blog or whatever)

TG: awesome! Let’s go! Hahah no, really, what are you up to?

Me: ha

TG: well… I went to the beach and didn’t get in the water at all… bummer

Me: cool, just come over and get in my hot tub then

TG: really? when?

Me: now

TG: ok, I’ll be ready in 5

I head over to her place and pick her up… and boy do I want to see those tits in a bikini… We get back to my apartment, get in the hot tub and I have ready 2 bottles of Veuve Elise. It’s a $7 dollar champagne (plus tax) you can pick up at your local liquor store and the girl thinks she’s on top of the world. I buy boxes of these, champagne shower and people think I’m filthy rich. Perception is reality. I start kino from the get-go and we’re making out within 20 minutes. So far, so good. I have this rule: if a girl gets alone with you in a hot tub, she’s ready to fuck you. We make out for a while, and whenever I move to grab her tits or her ass, she pushes me away. I leave her be, take a sip of the champagne and try again. Again she pushes me away and says “no, you’re with PI girl”… I laugh and keep going. This goes on for 2 hours. Even though she’s pretty drunk, still won’t budge. I’m ready to call it quits for the night. Even though I didn’t get the bang, I had an overall good time. I drop her off at her place and figure NOW it’s a failed endeavor. Done with this chick. Let’s go for the sure thing and bang PI girl.

The following friday I meet up with PI at B-bar. I love this place for 2 reasons. First, it’s dark as fuck and you can make out with any chick and never be seen by anybody, and second, the music is so damn good. PI is with a couple of friends, and who is at the table next to us? Yup, you guessed it: TG. When we made eye-contact we each motioned forward and greeted with a hug. And then she turned the crazy on. Every time PI wasn’t looking, TG would grab my ass, pinch me on the shoulder, or try to make out with me.

At this point I have to make a decision. I can bang both chicks, I think. But which one is the sure thing? If I go for PI and TG was possible, I’d regret it. If I go for TG and she denies, I’ll regret not going for PI. Fuck.

The charade continues and as a beer drinker I have to go to the restroom often. I come out of the restroom once and TG was waiting for me at the door. I knew what she wanted. I pull her in by the waist and make out for a minute or two. Fuck, I have to get back to PI or she’ll get suspicious. I leave her there and go back to my sure-thing, or is it?

Fuck it, I’m going for it. I pull out my phone and text TG to meet me outside in 5. She says “ok”. I tell PI I have to go pick up my sister somewhere and have to go. She puts a sad puppy face but tells me she understands. I go outside 10 minutes later and TG is there waiting for me. The bang is now or never. I say “let’s get out of here”… she smiles “ok”. I’m driving for my place, and on the way there place my right hand on her lap and slowly move to her inner-thigh, I’m at her panties and she spreads a little bit. After 2 seconds she says “no!” and pushes my hand away. It’s ok, we’re just 2 blocks away from my place at this point.

We arrive at my apartment and what follows is the craziest resistance I’ve ever dealt with. Making out like animals, I get her top off, she takes her shoes off and I push her to my bed. I swear, if I hadn’t pranked girls in high-school by unhooking their bras with 2 fingers, I would’ve never gotten this girl’s bra off. Off it came and DAMN these tits are nice. I feel them and, fuck, 100% real. Less than half an inch of sag. Perfection. I take her pants off. Now begins the wrestling. This girl wouldn’t even let me touch her panties. At this point, like most guys, I’m thinking of just getting her more aroused and she’ll give in… wrong. I did this shit Mystery style. I pull away completely, turn the lights on, and grab my computer to check some email. It’s all cool, I’m not mad. She looks at me like I’m an alien. Apparently she’s used to guys pushing like crazy and this had never happened to her before. Bitch, I know how your brain works. I’m on my computer and 5 minutes later she starts snuggling up to me and trying to kiss me. I start kissing her again, pull away, slowly walk to the door and turn the lights back down. We’re back at it. I say “take your panties off”… “no”… “ok, then”. Like a caveman I move my hand down her panties and as soon as I had 1 finger in, it was all over… she couldn’t control herself anymore. The panties came off and we fucked for hours. That day I learned that super-sluts are the best in bed, no contest. This chick had pornstar potential.

In the morning we go for breakfast at a bakery that’s a couple of blocks away. I drop her off at her place. All is good. That night I invite her out and we drink, dance, smoke, and end the night back at my place. More fucking. I can pound away at this damn girl for hours and she’ll take it. Insatiable. I’ve been going to the gym for 5 years nonstop and this girl got me thinking I’m out of shape. No way.

The following weekend we meet up at P-club and we’re having a good time, make out here and there, etc. By the end of the night I assume we’re fucking, of course, and instead of heading to drop her off at her place, I head for mine. She doesn’t want to… “what are you doing?”… “what?”… “where are we going?”… “to my place” … “no, take me home”… “wtf”… “yeah, take me home, now”… “alright then”. I drop her off at her place, she tries to kiss me goodbye and I don’t even move. She gets out of my car and that’s the last I saw of her for a long time.

Fail at the beginning, and fail at the end. They say you have to fail many times to succeed. I just ever thought it could be with the exact same girl.

To be continued…

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6 Responses to The Long Game – Pt. 2

  1. FFY says:

    Good story so far man.

    Is PI going to make a return?

    • Thanks! Yeah, next post is what happened with PI. Then the trio chicks, and then part 3 of the long game. I’m going chronological for this bit since all the girls involved are aquatinted with each other and the stories intersect somewhat.

  2. aneroidocean says:

    Wow, wild story. Isn’t it crazy how girls can go from totally wanting you and fucking the shit out of you to being so cold?

    Do you think you made a mistake, lost frame, etc… with her?

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