Broken Bottles

What do you do when there’s 2 guys coming to beat you up and you’re all alone?

After The Short Switch, I kept seeing BC on a regular basis. As soon as her ex realized what had happened, the guy went crazy. He texted me saying he was gonna beat me up as soon as he sees me. Alright then, it’s on.

About two or three weeks after BC’s ex texted me, I’m with BC at B-bar. I’d texted a couple of my friends to meet me there, but none of them had arrived yet. In walks BC’s ex (he’s about 1 or 2 inches taller than me, but he’s skinny as fuck… I can kick his ass any day of the week) and grabs me by the collar. BC pushes him away and slaps him, at which point I spot the guy’s best friend (not very built, but 6’5”… I’m only 5’7”)… I can’t take them on both… Adrenaline starts to rush… I either have to start punching or be punched. I spot an empty beer bottle, grab it upside-down and smack it against the top of the guy’s friend. The bottle didn’t break, so I swung one more time, this time it broke. He hits the deck like a rock and I assume he’s out.


This is where it all gets fuzzy. Someone, either the bouncers or somebody else, rushed ex-guy and his friend out the front door, but rushed me to the back of the bar instead of outside. BC meets me at the back, and I’m being questioned by one of the bartenders “why did you hit him?” … “I had to, they were gonna gang up on me”… He tells me not to go outside through the front, that he’s gonna get me out of the bar another way. We all agree and he opens the back door. But the back door opened to a hallway that led to an exit that was almost next to the front-door of the bar. Fuck. We come out of there and neither of the guys has yet to spot me. I’m still screwed, because I have to walk by the front entrance of the bar to get to my car. Had the side-exit left me on the opposite side of the entrance, I’d have slipped unnoticed. I start my walk through the sidewalk and ex-guy spots me and charges me… I head-butt him in the stomach and grapple him by the torso… we both fall on the ground. I’m trying to get a head-lock on him but I can’t figure it out. Without releasing him, I try to get back on my feet and we both fall in the middle of the street… Luckily oncoming traffic is slow in this area. I try to get back on my feet again, and by the time we’re about to lose our balance I spot the hood of a taxi that had stopped in the middle of the street to avoid running us over and head for that. I slam him against the hood and finally get a good chokehold on him…


I see blood and broken glass everywhere. I don’t know what the fuck is going on. Someone pulls me off the guy and grabs me. Someone else grabs him as well. They let us both go… I can see him bleeding from the top of the head (WTF)… I feel something wet dripping down the left side of my neck. I put my hand on it and when I looked at my palm all I saw was dark red. Why am I bleeding? I’m dizzy… what’s going on?

I spot BC and say “let’s get the fuck out of here”. We walk at a fast pace to my car and leave. I asked her “wtf happened back there? We were fighting, I had him choked and then someone smacked him in the head with a bottle… wtf…” Girl goes: “yeah… it was me… I hit him with the bottle”… Guys, this is how far solipism will go. Just 1 month prior to this she was this dude’s girlfriend, and now she’s smacking him in the head with a beer bottle.

Ok, this girl is crazy. I was literally speechless for a full minute. I can see more blood dripping down my neck, so I head for the nearest hospital. We arrive at the ER and as soon as I walk in, all I hear is a guy screaming “I’M GONNA FUCKING KILL HIM, LEMME GO!”. I look to my right and I see the 6’5” dude being restrained by hospital staff all fucking bloody. I turn around and calmly say to BC, “we’re going to a different hospital.” We drive 5-10 minutes to a different one. I had glass stuck in my left ear and on my left shoulder. A nice doc got them out and sutured my ear back together, then gave me a tetanus shot. Ten to twenty minutes later I get a call from BC’s ex… dude wants to make peace and no more craziness… I agree. Too much blood spilled over a fucking chick. Fucking idiots.

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The Long Game – Pt. 2

This is part 2, for part 1 click here

The drive back to the venue I was cursing myself for being a fucking pussy. Why the fuck am I doing a favor to a girl I’m not even fucking? Fuck everything about this. When I got to the venue, she was outside waiting for me. She gets in the car and I see her makeup is all run from the tears and stuff. She starts thanking me and hugging me and shit. I tell her to get away. She tells me her address and we’re on our way. When we get to her place she says “now give me a kiss on the cheek”… “no”… “why not?”… “get out of my car”… she wont’ get out of the car… fuck this. I put the transmission on P and got out, walked over to her side, opened the door and told her “get out, now”… she goes “no, I want you to blow me a kiss”… “no, get out of my car and go the fuck to sleep”… I grab her by her forearm and pull her out of the car, close the car door and walk back to my side to finally be over with this ordeal.

Two days later I’m just chilling at home and I get a random text from her:

TG: hey, I just got back from the beach, what are you up to?

Me: I’m building a spaceship… going to Mars, wanna come? (this is my standard response for when I’m doing something boring or don’t wanna say what I’m doing… feel free to copy it if you want, just gimme credit for it if you post it in your blog or whatever)

TG: awesome! Let’s go! Hahah no, really, what are you up to?

Me: ha

TG: well… I went to the beach and didn’t get in the water at all… bummer

Me: cool, just come over and get in my hot tub then

TG: really? when?

Me: now

TG: ok, I’ll be ready in 5

I head over to her place and pick her up… and boy do I want to see those tits in a bikini… We get back to my apartment, get in the hot tub and I have ready 2 bottles of Veuve Elise. It’s a $7 dollar champagne (plus tax) you can pick up at your local liquor store and the girl thinks she’s on top of the world. I buy boxes of these, champagne shower and people think I’m filthy rich. Perception is reality. I start kino from the get-go and we’re making out within 20 minutes. So far, so good. I have this rule: if a girl gets alone with you in a hot tub, she’s ready to fuck you. We make out for a while, and whenever I move to grab her tits or her ass, she pushes me away. I leave her be, take a sip of the champagne and try again. Again she pushes me away and says “no, you’re with PI girl”… I laugh and keep going. This goes on for 2 hours. Even though she’s pretty drunk, still won’t budge. I’m ready to call it quits for the night. Even though I didn’t get the bang, I had an overall good time. I drop her off at her place and figure NOW it’s a failed endeavor. Done with this chick. Let’s go for the sure thing and bang PI girl.

The following friday I meet up with PI at B-bar. I love this place for 2 reasons. First, it’s dark as fuck and you can make out with any chick and never be seen by anybody, and second, the music is so damn good. PI is with a couple of friends, and who is at the table next to us? Yup, you guessed it: TG. When we made eye-contact we each motioned forward and greeted with a hug. And then she turned the crazy on. Every time PI wasn’t looking, TG would grab my ass, pinch me on the shoulder, or try to make out with me.

At this point I have to make a decision. I can bang both chicks, I think. But which one is the sure thing? If I go for PI and TG was possible, I’d regret it. If I go for TG and she denies, I’ll regret not going for PI. Fuck.

The charade continues and as a beer drinker I have to go to the restroom often. I come out of the restroom once and TG was waiting for me at the door. I knew what she wanted. I pull her in by the waist and make out for a minute or two. Fuck, I have to get back to PI or she’ll get suspicious. I leave her there and go back to my sure-thing, or is it?

Fuck it, I’m going for it. I pull out my phone and text TG to meet me outside in 5. She says “ok”. I tell PI I have to go pick up my sister somewhere and have to go. She puts a sad puppy face but tells me she understands. I go outside 10 minutes later and TG is there waiting for me. The bang is now or never. I say “let’s get out of here”… she smiles “ok”. I’m driving for my place, and on the way there place my right hand on her lap and slowly move to her inner-thigh, I’m at her panties and she spreads a little bit. After 2 seconds she says “no!” and pushes my hand away. It’s ok, we’re just 2 blocks away from my place at this point.

We arrive at my apartment and what follows is the craziest resistance I’ve ever dealt with. Making out like animals, I get her top off, she takes her shoes off and I push her to my bed. I swear, if I hadn’t pranked girls in high-school by unhooking their bras with 2 fingers, I would’ve never gotten this girl’s bra off. Off it came and DAMN these tits are nice. I feel them and, fuck, 100% real. Less than half an inch of sag. Perfection. I take her pants off. Now begins the wrestling. This girl wouldn’t even let me touch her panties. At this point, like most guys, I’m thinking of just getting her more aroused and she’ll give in… wrong. I did this shit Mystery style. I pull away completely, turn the lights on, and grab my computer to check some email. It’s all cool, I’m not mad. She looks at me like I’m an alien. Apparently she’s used to guys pushing like crazy and this had never happened to her before. Bitch, I know how your brain works. I’m on my computer and 5 minutes later she starts snuggling up to me and trying to kiss me. I start kissing her again, pull away, slowly walk to the door and turn the lights back down. We’re back at it. I say “take your panties off”… “no”… “ok, then”. Like a caveman I move my hand down her panties and as soon as I had 1 finger in, it was all over… she couldn’t control herself anymore. The panties came off and we fucked for hours. That day I learned that super-sluts are the best in bed, no contest. This chick had pornstar potential.

In the morning we go for breakfast at a bakery that’s a couple of blocks away. I drop her off at her place. All is good. That night I invite her out and we drink, dance, smoke, and end the night back at my place. More fucking. I can pound away at this damn girl for hours and she’ll take it. Insatiable. I’ve been going to the gym for 5 years nonstop and this girl got me thinking I’m out of shape. No way.

The following weekend we meet up at P-club and we’re having a good time, make out here and there, etc. By the end of the night I assume we’re fucking, of course, and instead of heading to drop her off at her place, I head for mine. She doesn’t want to… “what are you doing?”… “what?”… “where are we going?”… “to my place” … “no, take me home”… “wtf”… “yeah, take me home, now”… “alright then”. I drop her off at her place, she tries to kiss me goodbye and I don’t even move. She gets out of my car and that’s the last I saw of her for a long time.

Fail at the beginning, and fail at the end. They say you have to fail many times to succeed. I just ever thought it could be with the exact same girl.

To be continued…

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The Long Game – Pt. 1

So this chick adds me on facebook out of the blue. At the time I have no idea who she is, so I ask a girl I know and all she said was “yeah, I know her, she’s a huge slut”.

Game on.

On facebook chat I asked her who she was and where we knew each other from. She told me we met once at a party and that Brunette Chick introduced me to her. I still had no fucking clue who she was anyway. I told her she was kinda cool and we should get together for some drinks. We exchange numbers. At this point I’m still not interested in her at all… and then I checked her pictures out on facebook…. HOLY SHIT DEM TITS! Tits Girl has the nicest looking D cups I’ve seen in a long time.

A couple of days later I text her:

Me: Hey, I’m gonna be at K bar later, you should come

TG: Yeah, I’m going with a couple of my friends, see you there

I arrive at K bar later than usual and the place is packed. I spot TG with a really nice looking brunette right next to the main bar. TG comes running at me and gives me a big hug. At this point, I’ve never seen her in person before, so I’m not really recognizing her at all… weird. We grab some drinks from the bar and get to talking. I tease her a bit and all goes well. Or at least I thought all was going well. Here I made the mistake of not physically escalating consistently. I told them we should leave and head over to B-bar. They agree and hop in my car.

We arrive at B-bar and TG spots some friends of hers, so I’m stuck with her brunette friend (who’s cute, so I don’t mind). An hour or so passes and the place isn’t really picking up, not many people. I think it was a wednesday night or something. Brunette starts bugging me telling me she wants to leave and whatnot. I told her to chill out, we’ll leave in a bit. Out the corner of my eye I spot TG in an intense conversation with a guy. I think for a moment, and the logistics fucking suck, there’s no way I can get a bang with TG that night. So I go over and tell her I’m leaving. She says she doesn’t want to, and I say “no problem, I’m sure you can find a ride home”. I took her brunette friend home and that was that.

Thinking she was not that into me, I acknowledge TG as a failed endeavor, so I moved on to the next target.

Throughout this I’ve been texting back and forth with a petite 7.5 or 8 on a good night. Girl kinda looks like a native American, and sexy as hell when dressed up to go out at night. We met while she was lost at the university parking lot looking for her car. TG had been my main target, so now I’ll give the PI a go. I invite her to a party one of my DJ friends was gonna throw the following friday. She agrees.

And then shit got crazy.

I pick PI up and head over to the party. I introduce PI to my DJ friend and a couple of other people that knew me. We grab drinks and find a nice spot to stay in where it wasn’t that crowded. All is good, I’m kino escalating consistently and about to kiss her when SHIT!!! I spot TG just 2 feet away from us. Oooooh this is gonna be good. I can’t help but smile, TG and I make eye contact, and 1 second later I had my tongue down PI’s mouth. Win. I keep making out with PI the whole night, and when we took a couple of breaks I’d head over to TG, dance a bit, give her a spin, and back to PI.

The night ends and I drop PI at her place. I arrive at my apartment, dead tired and ready to crash. I get into bed and my phone starts ringing. I take one look at the screen and guess who the fuck was calling? TG. No way. WTF this girl want at this hour? I pick up the phone and all I hear is her crying. “I’m stuck at the venue, I don’t know anybody and I don’t have money for a taxi… please please you HAVE to pick me up, I had nobody else to call. I called one of my girlfriends but she won’t pick up.” And I’m like… “no… fuck that… no way you can’t find a ride home, there’s a ton of people there, I’m sure you know somebody.” She keeps pressing “No, I swear I don’t know anybody, I’m begging you to pick me up, please, I want to go home”.

I cave.

I put my jeans back on and grab the t-shirt I was wearing, keys, phone, and shoes, and out the door I went.

To be continued… 

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The Face Girl And The Omega Dude

Have you ever seen a girl that all your buddies told you was smoking-hot, a perfect 10 and one of the hottest chicks they’ve ever seen, but somehow you don’t completely agree?

When I was a kid I was friends with this Omega Dude all through grades 1 to 6. We both shared the same interests and got picked on by the bigger guys in the school. At around age 12 or 13 he moves with his entire family to Mexico. Apparently his father got a business deal with one of the big hotels in Cancun and was named VP or something up there, so they left. I didn’t really miss the guy, I was a kid and just made new friends. Enough time passes and you can just completely forget that certain people even existed. 

Nine years later I’m hanging out in my living room with a couple of friends and one of them says if I remember Omega Dude from back in primary school. I kind of do, but not enough to care. He tells me he ran into him at a restaurant the day before. OD was with his both his parents and his little sister, and, according to him, the sister could be a model for any designer. I call bullshit! All this time I’m thinking “if they just moved here, and Face Girl is actually as hot as she’s being hyped up to be, I’m not gonna run into her any time soon.” I ask my buddy if he got any contact info for OD and his sister, he says he knows which hotel they’re staying. PERFECT! I’m all smiles now.

Again, like my previous post, my game wasn’t anywhere near what it is now, but I could make do just fine. My plan was to show up at the hotel and ask for OD at the front desk. The following day I do exactly that. The desk clerk called OD’s room and he came down a few minutes later. Dude gave me a big bro-hug, big smiles, and asks me how I knew he’d arrived back in the country. I told him one of my friends ran into him a few days back and told me, so I came to see him as soon as I had time. At this point, I’m all planning on hitting on his sister, but (obviously) I can’t let him know that or the plan will blow in my face. We move to the hotel’s bar and have a drink to catch up on 9 years of life. Listening to this guy speak was excruciatingly painful, but a means to an end nevertheless. After a while I ask him about his sister and he says “oh, she’s upstairs, wanna go say hello?” – “sure thing, bro”.

We go up to the room, OD opens the door, and sitting in the balcony smoking a cigarette is FG, the sister. Brain can only: “Holy shit don’t fuck this up!”. This girl is a 9.5 and could be the cover of any magazine. Almost taller than me, long blond hair and a face that can only resemble Brooke Shields when she was young. She’s wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt. I go over and say hi, and we smoke a cig together. We get to talking and somehow the conversation led to me betting her she couldn’t throw me into the pool. She goes “oh, yeah? Let’s go down to the pool and find out.” The three of us head down to the pool and she starts wrestling me trying to push me into the water, I do the same. After 2 or 3 seconds she realizes she’s out-powered and is in for a big splash, so she holds on to me to make sure I have to jump into the pool as well if I want to push her in. I take my shirt off (after all, I have to drive back home and don’t want to get my car that wet), pick her up over my shoulder and jump in the pool. She starts swimming away from me and I pull her underwater by the ankle. I swim to the edge of the pool and she follows. We’re staring at each other just 2 inches away. At this point, I can lean in and kiss her, but her brother’s been watching us the whole time. I’m thinking if I do this, the brother is NEVER going to talk to me again. Not that I wanted to actually talk to this OD, but I’m looking to not be an asshole here. Today I wouldn’t give a shit about this at all. I pull away and get out of the pool to dry off, and she does too. 

I tell them we should get together and hang out the following day. Both of them give me their phone numbers and we start walking to the main entrance. I say goodbye to both of them and FG is literally eye-fucking me the whole time I’m walking to my car. I give her a smug half-smile and carry on. 

Remember these people haven’t been in the country for years, so I’m the ‘I know everything’ guy to them. The following night I pick them both up, since I have no real way of picking only FG up, I have to take out OD at least once. At the club I took them we meet up with my friends, and they all “who is THAT?!” in my ear every time I introduce her to one of my buddies. I get one of my guys to start a conversation with OD so I can walk away with the girl. After we get drinks, I pull her into one of the corners of the club and start making out like we’re crazy. I tell her we’re leaving and take her to my place for an insane bang. At that moment I couldn’t believe I was fucking that girl with that body and that face. At almost 3am, I think, or maybe later, OD starts calling us and complaining that we left him in the club. So we drive back and pick him up. I make up a bullshit story about how we had to go pick up my sister in another club and shit. He buys it. 

After the first night out I started just picking FG up at her hotel and back to my place to fuck. Not much dating or going out. Now the weirdest thing started happening to me. Somehow I wasn’t that attracted to this girl anymore. Maybe it was the taste of cigarettes, the fact that she got tired and begged for mercy after 30 or 40 minutes of fucking, or that it was just all so easy in the first place, I don’t know. I told this to one of my friends and he said I was fucking crazy. Here I am banging a 9.5 maybe 10 (depending on who you ask) and I’m not attracted to her that much anymore. Bleh…  

And then started the downward spiral. 

OD realized I just talked to him in the first place to get to meet his sister, so he started doing everything within his power to make FG mad at me. This, combined with the fact that this chick was a head-turner wherever she went, it was a matter of time before she found some other cock she wanted to ride as well.

Three to four weeks into this thing, I text her saying I’m swinging by to pick her up and she doesn’t respond. She calls me 20 minutes later to tell me she can’t come with me to the club right now, I ask why, and she says she’s got friends over. I say “cool, I’ll come up, we’ll hang out and then we’ll all go to the club later”, to which she responded “I don’t want you to come up, we’ll meet at the place later, I promise”. WTF BITCH. I said “oh, ok, don’t bother coming to the club anyway then” and hung up. She called a million times (and for many days) after that. I didn’t pick up ever again. Honestly I didn’t want that drama bullshit for a girl I wasn’t even that attracted to anymore and had a cockblocking Omega Dude for a brother. Today I realize I could’ve banged her any time I wanted to, but I know I just didn’t want to.

It took me a couple of years to understand that after a couple of bangs, if you’re not in love with the chick, the attraction level will inevitably diminish and you won’t want to bang the chick that much anymore, no matter how hot she is.

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The Short Switch

Are you a big tits or big ass guy? I don’t even know, I have a hard time deciding myself.

So, out of the longest relationship I’ve ever had, and ready to work the field once more, I sit on the main campus’ square with a couple of buddies for a short break. Quickly, I scan the area for chicks in hopes of finding my new prey.

Out of nowhere, a girl with the nicest ass I’ve seen in a long time walks by us. I go to my buddies “who is THAT?! And why haven’t I tapped that yet?”. None of them know, but I make a mental note to ask around and find out who the fuck is this chick I’ve never seen around before. At this point, I’m not very versed in day-game and only make cold-approaches at bars and clubs during the night.

Fast forward a couple of days and I’m hanging out with another group of friends at the same spot I was before, and lo and behold! Piece of Ass chick walks by once more and I ask again, this time to different friends, who the fuck is this chick? “Oh, thats POA, she’s friends with Brunette Chick (girl with real nice tits, solid 8.5 or 9, depending on who you ask), and likes to fuck around a lot.” In the back of my mind I’m secretly celebrating, I know who BC is and am acquainted with the guy she’s dating, that’s my in if I want to meet her during the day or don’t want to risk a cold-approach.

At this point I’ve just discovered Heartiste and haven’t yet read any other material besides his and David D’s, so my Game isn’t top notch to go open POA (solid 9) at all, but I’m making the best of things, or so I thought.

I decide I’m gonna add BC, POA’s best friend on twitter and fb and shit, and I add the guy she’s dating on there as well, so the dude doesn’t get the wrong idea that I’m hitting on his girl and is actually friendly to me. I start randomly texting BC and her dude and asking them about POA and what she does and whatever. Beta as shit move to make, but it’s all I had at the time. I had no other better ideas. I NEVER ran into POA in any of the bars I went, so a normal approach wasn’t gonna happen in the near future.

Out of nowhere BC says she’s gonna tell POA about me and somehow get us to meet. I reluctantly agree, thinking this was bad game from the start, but I agree anyway. POA adds me on facebook, and my mind immediately shifts into gear: “GET HER NUMBER RIGHT NOW!”. I start a conversation with her on the facebook chat and get her number within the first 5 minutes, then end the conversation. I call her 2-3 hours later and invite her for a couple of drinks at my favorite bar the next night. She agrees.

Now, I went from “who is that chick over there?” to having a date with her in less than one week… How the fuck did I do this?

The next day she cancels on me, and immediately sets something else up. She invites me over to her place. She says she’s having a couple of friends over for drinks. At first I don’t really want to agree. But, then I thought “oh, all I gotta do is wind the night down, wait for everybody else to leave and get the bang, easy… I was told she likes to fuck around a lot.”. So I told her I’d go.

Meanwhile, texting with BC hasn’t stopped. She texts me all her life problems, problems with the guy she’s dating, etc. I keep it going so she doesn’t badmouth me to POA.

I arrive at POA’s place and a long night of drinking beings. By the end of the night I’m nearly wasted and so is the girl. Everyone left. It’s just me and her. We keep talking and I keep physically escalating it all the way. We start making out, when all of a sudden she pushes me away and tells me to leave. WTF?! I had no idea what just happened. I said it was fine and left. No bang. Dammit…

The next day BC and her guy tell me they’re going to the beach with POA and the same people that we were hanging out last night. I agree and text POA telling her I’m picking her up. I buy some bottles of vodka and whiskey and head over to pick POA up. All goes normal, I think. All this time I’m thinking the bang is taking me longer than it should’ve. I was told this girl is a major slut, why am I taking so long?

Anyways, we arrive at the beach and had an overall good time, I kept the teasing going all the time. By the time the sun is setting, I tell everybody to come over to my place and we’ll get in the hot tub.  What happened next was the most surreal thing I’d ever experienced up until that moment. I’m sitting with POA on my lap, and from across the hot tub I see BC eyeballing me like there’s no tomorrow. Mind you, her boyfriend is sitting right next to her. My mind is struggling to comprehend what’s going on. All this time I’m thinking “WTF GIRL!?, but those tits do look nice in a bathing suit.”

At this moment I realized these girls had no shame, so why should I?

The night ends, everybody leaves, I make out with POA. Still no bang. I’m beginning to think it’s never gonna happen and I should just break all contact and keep playing the field for more girls. I think my game wasn’t up to par to bang 9s yet… or maybe she had her period, who the fuck knows… Two days later I resume texting with BC and it went something like this:

Me: hey

BC: hi! Omg my feet hurt so much

Me: why, what happened?

BC: walking around in high heels too much lately

Me: oh that’s cool, I give the best foot massage ever… come over to my place this afternoon and I’ll fix you up

BC: Omg that’s awesome! Ok, I’ll be there at 4.

Girl came over, and after I was done with the massage, we banged like the world was gonna end that day. Mind you, she and POA are BEST FRIENDS. The level of backstab girls are willing to do for a guy they want is astonishing. She left my place, and a couple of hours later she texts me:

BC: I’m dumping my bf

Me: ok

We kept banging for 5 months or so after that. Started off wanting to bang a nice piece of ass, and somehow ended up with a great pair of tits instead, who can complain?

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How I Discovered Game

My story starts out like most everyone else’s: with lots of fails in a row.

High School

I read somewhere that guys can be separated into two distinct categories: those that got laid for the first time before 18, and those that got laid after. Yeah, I’m one of the latter. In high school I had numerous girls that I would’ve loved to have dated, yet, like most guys, I thought I wasn’t good looking enough or didn’t know the right things to say. This resulted in me going through high school and graduating before I even got a girl to hold hands with me, let alone suck my dick. Happy times, indeed. Things I did when I was a teenager that make me cringe just to think of them. I remember once going up to a girl I liked, never having talked to her before in my life, and saying “do you want to be my girlfriend?” to which all I got as a response was “what?” and laughter.

Upon graduation I went on a trip to LA and was pretty sure I’d get laid. Right… I kept asking myself “how is it that I’m surrounded by sluts and not getting any sex?”. At least I was asking the right questions.

By the time I started college, I was determined to find a solution to my problem. All around me I saw my friends having one night stands, getting laid, having girlfriends, and overall successful sex lives. They had things I didn’t, but somehow they didn’t know how to teach me.

The quest for knowledge beings.

Like everyone else that wants to research something, I went to my computer and fired up the internet in hopes of getting ‘pickup lines’ or ‘tips’ on how to get girls. To my dismay, all I found at the beginning were the same things my mother had told me: “buy her flowers, open her doors, be nice, etc…” utter bullshit that I figured didn’t work because I’d already tried it and failed with it. My goal at the time was to learn what I needed to know to get a girlfriend.

After a couple of days of searching, I found David DeAngelo’s eBook and dove into it like there was no tomorrow. At the time, all the info in his book came as a total shocker to me. Things like “attraction isn’t a choice” and “teasing girls” were ideas that I’d never even heard of before.

Bear in mind, people, my goal at the time was to learn shit needed to “get a girlfriend”, a goal I know today to be flawed from its conception. Nevertheless, armed with David D’s teachings I set myself loose in night clubs and bars in hopes of finding what I wanted. And find I did. However, I didn’t realize proper Game was needed to maintain a relationship once it’s started, and thus my endless experiences with girlfriends that would either cheat, lie, manipulate me or flat out dump me for some other guy. The last “serious girlfriend” I had was one that dumped me, told me “I don’t want to be with anybody right now” and then proceeded to hook up with another guy the following day. Crushed, and with only myself to blame, I returned to the internet in search for more answers. I said I was gonna master this shit or die trying.

Enter Heartiste

One Reddit post after another, asking the internet for answers, finally yielded a helping hand that pointed me in the right direction. I was instructed to stop complaining like a pussy, read Heartiste’s blog in its entirety, and head out into the world to conquer poon once more. One read of “Heartiste’s 16 Commandments” set me in the mood to  plow through all of his blog, and I recommend you do as well. This single event, if you can call it such, produced the most extraordinary change I’ve ever experienced in my life. One year after discovering his blog, among other great ones like ‘Generation Nihilism’, reading Roosh’s ‘Bang’, Neil Strauss’ The Game, and even started my own book, I’ve realized my journey has only just begun. Wanting to share my stories with everyone, I’ve started this blog, and thus my experiences won’t perish in my memory to be forgotten like a routine bang.

I am The Islander, and this is my story.

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